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Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW Digital Drawing and Graphics Tablet

The Wacom Intuos Draw is a entry level graphic drawing tablet perfect for anyone just starting out using drawing tablets and makes for a great first tablet at an affordable price. In the graphic design world Wacom is a name that is well known for great quality graphic drawing tablet and is preferred by most professional artist.


The Wacom Intuos Draw is light, thin and portable which makes it useful for those artist who are always on the go. The Intous Draw has a sleek design and feels well built compared to other affordable tablets.

Wacom Intuos Draw Graphic Drawing Tablet


The Wacom Intuos Draw has a quite small drawing surface but for most part time artist and users looking for something extremely portable it might not be an issues but for those who have high resolution screen they might find themselves feeling a little confined. The tablet’s dimensions are as follows 8.25-by-6.7 inches, a weight of 290 grams for the small and 480 grams for the medium.

Their are four expression keys at the top of the tablet for setting your favorite short cuts such as undo, paste, cut and copy.

Wacom Intuos Draw Hot Kets

The Wacom Intuos has 1024 levels of pressure and a working area is comparable to actual paper. The drawing tablet feels great to use and the pen gives you a very authentic user experience. The pen however doesn’t have an eraser tip, feel really light and the tablet doesn’t have some of the features that a high end tablet would have but despite that the main feature of a graphic tablet is still at your disposal.

Wacom Intuos Draw Pen Pressure

The tablet is compatible with Mac 10.8.5 or higher and PC Windows 7 or above. The tablet comes packed with ArtRage Lite which is less impressive compared to the art which comes with Corel Draw and the photo which comes with Corel Paint Shop Pro X8 as well as Corel Aftershot Pro 2.


The Wacom Intuos Draw is a great tablet for beginner users and those artist who must work on the go. It’s light weight and has a slim factor design. The tablet almost feels like your drawing on real paper and that important for an authentic feel. The graphic drawing tablet is ready to be used once the drivers are install which can be a little bit of a problem on a mac or for those users who have drivers install on their computers from other tablets but it functions well with having to mess with the setting too much. If your looking for an affordable drawing tablet for beginners or for it’s mobility then check out Wacom’s Intuos Draw and let me know what your think!