Believe it or not a logo designer, a graphic designer, a web designer, any creative mind is always and never should stop improving their skills or learning something new within their trade. The fact that you are seeking ways to improve your logo design skills and admitting you need to improve your design is the first step. This is where you pat yourself on the back!


If your interested in becoming a better logo designer or take your Graphic designer skills to a new level I have some advise I like to offer. As any skill in order to become the best or at least have a fighting chance those keys words that have been spoken many times before come into play once again and they are “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT”. However there are many other steps and methods to help in your journey to become a better graphic designer .


The key ingredients to become better at any trade is research, learn and  practice. Within all three ingredients are important methods and steps to contribute to the end result which is becoming the best at what you do.


Inspiration Collecting

There is inspiring graphic design all around us and collecting brochures, business cards, post cards or any media can help better your logo design or your graphic designer skills in general. Design or inspiring art can be found in Mother nature as well, carrying a camera, cell phone or sketch book can help document nature’s techniques. There has been plenty of times I have designed a logo from inspiration I gain from being out and about in Mother Nature’s beautiful creation. The internet is also a good source of inspiration, look up good design, logo design samples, other graphical works design by a graphic design professional and save them in your collection for future inspiration. While using this method please keep in mind we are using these works of art to learn from, gain inspiration from and create overused logo design by copying someone else work.


Well you can’t become better or the best at what you do without learning the tricks of the trade can you? There is knowledge all around you both free and some at a cost. First thing that comes to mind is enrolling in a institution of learning, an art school of some sort and earning a degree in graphic design would be a good way of legitimizing your skills but I will tell you to research different schools before making a hasty decision.


There are many alternative learning source to attending a traditional school and one is online websites such as Udemy which I personally am a member of, there is also, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) a private research university offers free courses online and let’s not forgot You Tube the large video sharing website which you can find a huge source of tutorials on any subject.


The Almighty Book

Now that we have gone over alternative learning sources to attending a traditional learning institution, let’s not forget the a source of learning that has been around for centuries, the almighty book and there are many good reading material out there to help you perfect your design skills.

There are many books out there but one I want to mention is Logo Design Love, the book written by David Airey dives into how to create an iconic brand identity, creating effective briefs, how to generate ideas, and how to price your work. There are plenty of other good books, keep a look out and build your library of knowledge.


Online Presence

Create an online presence for yourself, join and read online blogs. Best method to becoming better at what you enjoy doing is to learn from others that are already doing it and have established themselves as one of the best in their field. Start a blog yourself, you will find it educational and allow you to become more critical of your own work.

You can find inspiration from online design sites such as Logo Gala, Logo Moose, Dribble and the most commonly know Deviant Art. These are design sites where designers or inspiring designs can submit logos or other graphic design material to be critiqued. Inspiring designers can browse through the designs and learn from other designer’s work. One other method that I use on a daily bases is the Linked In community, there are several graphic designers I connect with and we all offer each other feedback on our design.


The last of three methods introduced I feel with turn us all into better logo designers and probably the most important is Practice. Practice will make an individual better at what field they decide to go into or anything you choose to do in your life and graphic design is no different.

My first suggestion is to take a look at a current logo design and try to redesign it. Find the flaws in the design and make it more effective. Fixing the cons on someone else design with help you notice the flaws in your design with help your create clean, timeless and simple yet effective logo designs in the future.

Another method is to just get out there, design and fail. Yes, nobody wants to fail but the best way to learn is to fail and learn from your mistakes. Join freelance communities such as or Design Crowd and join some of the design contest.


Along your journey to becoming the best graphic designer you can be don’t forget to stop an smell the roses, take notice to all the design around you, learn from others who are already the best at what they do and learn from yourself.

Remember Logo & Simplicity is a community for us all to learn from each other. If you have any methods or steps you feel that I left out or something you believe works for you comment down below and together we will improve our logo design!


  1. ches

    June 1, 2016

    What a great post about graphic design. I am never happy with the designs I do and have to keep tweaking and sometimes go too far.
    You’re certainly right about using a camera. Taking one everywhere you go is a must. It’s really surprising what you can see by looking at a plant, flower, insect or scene. I often get inspired by the most unlikely pictures and a new design concept always comes out of the blue; we certainly would never go out without our camera.
    We are lucky enough to have an electron microscope and the designs that mother nature throws up for tiny creatures, pollen, butterfly scales etc., are absolutely incredible. Lynda dot com is also one of our favourite sites to learn from. Thanks for a very informative article which should inspire the budding graphic designer. Ches

    • Salvatore Jenkins Jr. author

      June 3, 2016

      I’m glad you enjoy the article… There are still sometimes I over think my design and then I have to pick through it to take unnecessary parts out. However, a design in some fashion is always being tweaked, life itself is always being tweak and design is similar to life small tweaks but don’t change what works! Remember the Logos & Simplicity motto, “Keep it Simple”…

  2. Krissy

    June 1, 2016

    I checked out your website on logos. I really like the content and I find it helpful, easy to navigate as well. I have been suggested in some of my feedback, to add a logo to my inline skate website. I am unsure how to do this, and where would I put the logo? I am new to the internet marketing and I really love all of the learning tools. I want to learn more, and find a cool logo for my skating website! Keep up the great work!


    • Salvatore Jenkins Jr. author

      June 3, 2016

      A logo would help brand your site and give it an identity. I would be more then willing to help out with the process of designing a logo and suggesting the best place on your website to place it. Logos & Simplicity is a place not only for my viewers to learn but me as well. With every project, post, comment, feedback and content I write I learn a little here or there as well! Contact me on any one of the methods on my about page and Together we will improve our logo design!

  3. TheDopestMatrix

    June 1, 2016

    Hey there,
    I think you’re right- learning is the best way to master any skill! especially when it comes to something like logo design or graphics- you HAVE to be spot on for it to be any good. thats cool that they offer various online classes, and thats great that you’re enrolled! I might show my friend about one of them because he’s always talking about how he wants to be a graphic designer.

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • Salvatore Jenkins Jr. author

      June 3, 2016

      Online learning is the best approach when you have a busy schedule and a strict budget. There are many online sources that teach a variety of subjects but Udemy and Lynda are among the most popular. I have used both and came out feeling confident in what I learned.

      Becoming a graphic design professional is not an easy task but I confident if your friend has a passion for creativity and the drive he will do well. There is plenty of room for freelance work… Thanks for taking the time to read my article and hopefully my suggestion help you friend get all those creative juice flowing!

  4. cherrie

    October 25, 2016

    Appreciate it, i found Lynda as useful training site on my LinkedIn premium account. but to my surprise it was already there on Youtube hahaha. i don’t need to pay for all trainingbut freely watch it all on tube, this makes me confused why Lynda is still charging :). But true, online learning is a breakthrough. Our designers from
    are geeks, have just learned the whole thing online

    • Salvatore Jenkins Jr. author

      October 30, 2016

      There is plenty to learn online and most are free knowledge. I attended a 2 year college for my degree and most of my knowledge was gain from online resources. I think the whole reason places like or udemy can charge is they are a collection of learning in one spot and people can get lazy or don’t want to put in the work to find the resources themselves. However, YouTube is an amazing tool for learning, anytime I want to or need to learn something Youtube is the first place I check and most times I get the answers I need! Thanks for the comment and I’ll give the a look.

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