When logo design was in it’s infancy, the sky was the limit and uniqueness wasn’t a concern. However now a days it has gotten harder to design or find a unique logo design that stands out from the rest. Unfortunately the marked is flooded with overused logo design and I being a freelance graphic design have see clients to many times choose a design that has been used quite a few times in the past.

There are many freelance websites out there that have made it possible for clients to easily get design work or a designer to start a comfortable work at home business for themselves but like every market there are individuals trying to exploit those services and  make a quick buck using generic logo design. For a professional designer these type of logos aren’t hard to spot, because we see them all the time and even in the past I have design some of them only to realize it had been done before.


I have ventured into the internet in search of those very designs that I believe and many other designers will agree are over used logos.

Overused logos

Examples of Over Used and Abused Logo Design

As you can see from the sample image above there are certain logo design concepts that are being used over and over again. As said in other post there is an importance in simplicity in logo design but there is also a need for unique logo design and to many times a client will choose a design because it is appealing to the eyes. Don’t get me wrong I can see why these design where chosen, they are eye-catching, clean and simple but they are over used which makes it hard for your company to stand out from the rest.

generic overused logo concepts

Examples of Generic Overused Logo Concepts


As you look at the concepts above keep this in mind, make sure the design is unique and fresh. Keep these designs I have shown here in mind when designing or picking you next logo and believe me the ones I have showcase here today are just a small portion of overuse logo design, there are many more companies out there using these same design concepts. If in doubt there are many tools out there to determine if the design has been used or is currently being use such as doing google image search and I will post a tutorial for those who are not aware of how to determine if there design has been used on this site in the near future.

Hopefully I have shed some light of Over used logos, made it a little easier to spot and I hope not only designers keep them in mind when designing but clients also keep these type on concepts in mind when choosing the symbols that is suppose to represent there company throughout it’s life. Keep it clean, simple, memorable and unique! Happy designing…


  1. Blake

    May 2, 2016

    I never realize how many standard logos have been overused. Differentiating yourself in business is huge and having a duplicate logo wont help with that. I don’t yet have a logo for my site but I now have a good base of knowledge for this issue. Glad I came across your page

    • Salvatore Jenkins Jr. author

      May 3, 2016

      It is amazing how many logos are pretty much identical to each other and a logo must be unique to stand out from the rest. Your design can be eye-catching, clean but if it is identical to many other designs it won’t be memorable which is extemely important, to stay in the minds of your audience!

  2. Nahim

    May 9, 2016

    For some reason when a company is having succes others copy their logo believing it will imporve their sells, or sometimes it happens by mistake because they didn`t know their logo is actually similar to another one that already existed. In my opinion making a logo is about defining a concept about what is it your company does or how it does it, so keep in mind to be original and to find innovative ways of representing an idea.

    • Salvatore Jenkins Jr. author

      May 9, 2016

      Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… However in the case of a logo as you said and as I stress in my posts it is important to be unique. Look forward to a future post on the tools I used to research and confirm my logo design is unique.

  3. christinamk

    July 8, 2016

    That is amazing how many logos out there are very similar to other business’ logos. I would not want that! I need to get a logo for my website but am unsure where to look. Should I hire someone to make one for me? Or should I make it myself?

    • Salvatore Jenkins Jr. author

      July 9, 2016

      I’m glad to shed some light on logo designs that have been over used and Im going to first answer your question with questions. Are you creative? Do you enjoy being creative?Are you someone who likes to venture out of your normal element? Have you ever used a design program such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator before?

      If your answers to the first three question are yes, then give it a try and I would be willing to help along the way. However, if the answers were no or your not sure please contact me and let’s get started on a new adventure! I can’t wait to design a logo that makes your business shine visually!

  4. Evie

    August 6, 2016

    Oh I actually came across this issue when I got the logos done for my photography business. I used one of the websites where you create a competition to design and you give the brief then you narrow down the results. Whilst I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for I did give information about what I didn’t want – namely no filmstrips, no camera shutter graphics, no drawings of a camera.

    Guess how many people can’t have read the brief – over three quarters of the designs submitted had these elements. And all of these elements are so overused on photographers websites. Luckily three logos stood out and I finally chose my current photography one – not a filmstrip in sight

    • Salvatore Jenkins Jr. author

      August 10, 2016

      That is one of the downsides to using a freelancer site, countless overused and abuse logos as well as copied logos from people who are trying to take advantage of unaware, uneducated, or inexperienced clients to make a quick buck. However the upside is the amount of designs received for the price paid and as long as you go in with some of the knowledge I provide in my post you will be able to weed out the bad designs.

      I’m glad you found a design that fits your needs…If you ever in need of design help or advice don’t hesitate to ask!

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