Logos & Simplicity is for inspiring designers, professionals and hobby enthusiast to discuss logo design. There are plenty of design mock-ups that remained among the skeletons in the closet and deserve to see the light of day. Logos and simplicity would like to offer these very designs to the public. Below are a few of these designs and as time shuffles on more and more designs will be added.


The logos below are offered free to use by Logos and Simplicity for personal use only, can be used to represent you or your company free of charge. The designs are first come first serve and the rights to re-use will only be given to one person. The logo designs are not to be used without proper permission from the author / designer at Logos and Simplicity Salvatore Jenkins Jr.

If you require revisions such as color change, adding your business name or personal name to design and /or different file types there will be a small $30 charge.

If you are looking to outsource and would like to use a logo design below to purpose to a client there would be a 40% fee required after the design sells. The author Salvatore Jenkins Jr will require no rights or credit for the design once the 40% fee is paid and all design right will go to you or your design firm. The 40% fee can however drop by 10% if you decide you want to involve Salvatore Jenkins Jr in the process with the client and offer me design credit for any of the logo designs below.

Once you have chosen any of the logo designs below, you must contact the author of Logos and Simplicity via any of the contact methods on the contact page before you use them. The design will be delivered in an eps file format unless you order revisions or you have interest in outsourcing.

An Logo

AN Logo 001

BC Logo


Bold B Logo

B BOLD Logo 001