With our busy schedule sometimes we just don’t have the time for a lengthy design process which then we find ourselves looking for something that was previously designed, in need of a home and conveys the exact message we are trying to get across to our audience.


During the design process many different logo design mock-up are presented to a client and at the end of the process, only one is chosen which leaves many other designs without a home. From time to time some of the design are just discarded but many others stick around and continue their search for a home and a place to belong. Below are some logo designs in my collection that I felt still deserved a home and could one day convey the message a new business to the market. If you strapped for time and looking for a quick and painless logo design process take a look at some of the designs below. If any of the design below stick out and you believe it is the right fit for your business or product please head over to the link. Be sure to take advantage of the revisions and ask me any question you would like!


The logo has a simple peaceful vibe which fits well with community events, villages,housing developments, landscaping,church community,senior living,healthcare and much much more.

The design will work if your looking for a logo that conveys peace, tranquility and a free state of mind.


The design is appropriate for health & food network. The logo can work well for a cooking website or tv show. It’s clean and bold.


The inspiration for the design was technology but it will fit right at home with an internet industry or even gaming.

The design is simple but eye-catching and will stand the test of time.