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Huion is a trademark of Shenzhen Huion Animation Technology Co.  headquatered in ShenZhen China which specializes on Graphic Drawing tablets and other such technology. Huion is know for their wireless tablets, pressure pens will rechargeable batteries and also manufacture graphic digitizing monitors. If your looking for an alternative to Wacom Intuos then take a look at HUION H610 which has been an ongoing competitor and using it I can see why!


The Huion H610 Pro feel very well built and If I had to compare it I would say it is pretty close to the Wacom Intuos. It has a sleek design, black in color and glossy buttons that run down the left side.

Wacom Vs Huion Tablet Side by Side

The stylus is lightweight and feels a little cheaply made. The stylus holder contains four replacement tips and a metal tips remover to remove tips from the stylus. The bottom of the stylus has a tough matte black surface. The stylus felt comfortable to hold and didn’t seem to give me any discomfort over long periods of use.

Huion H610 Pro Stylus & Holder


The Huion has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and in my opinion worked well during use. The drawing surface is 10 by 6.25 inches and design for wide screen monitors. The drawing surface feels pretty similar to Wacom tablets and almost feels like drawing on actual paper.

On the left side of the graphic drawing tablet there are 8 shortcut keys which are defaulted to photoshop’s brush, hand, brush sizes,zoom and undo. Along the top the Huion H610 Pro has 16 soft keys and the use can set most used keyboard shortcuts.

Huion H610 Pro Shortcut Keys

The Stylus has an internal battery and is charge by an external cable that is provided by Huion. The battery seem to last a couple of weeks before I had to charge it and due to the charging port being on the top of the pen there is no included eraser. The pressure sensitive pen has two buttons and each of the buttons can be set to a user specified shortcut.

Huion H610 Pro Stylus & Charging Cable


The Huion H610 Pro graphic drawing tablet is compatible with windows xp, 7, 8,8.1,10 and as for Mac the drawing tablet is compatible with Mac OS X 10.8.0 or later. I have only test the tablet with Illustrator cs 6 and Photoshop cs 6 on a PC laptops which worked really well. I have done some research on the internet and the tablet works pretty well with paint tool sai, Manga Studio, ArtRage, as well as Sketchbook Pro on the PC. For Mac users according to my research it works well with Photoshop, illustrator, Mischief, Sketches Pro, Medibang Paint Pro V8.1 and Krita v3.1.


The Huion h610 Pro is a well built graphic tablet at an affordable price, it has plenty of options and seems to work with a handful of software. The pressure sensitivity is great, the drawing surface feels like that real thing and won’t make you feel confined to a small face since it was designed to work with wide monitors. The pressure sensitive pen style feels is light weight and lasts for weeks with one full charge. Overall if your looking for a Wacom Alternative then look no further then the Huion H610 Pro and take my word for it your won’t be disappointed.