By now you have read through some of my other posts, your familiar with the tools needed to be a logo designer, you read my post of why I’m passionate about graphic design, you learned why a logo is so important and why the design should be simple and you’ve now become aware of the common logo redesign mistakes but you feel your ready or looking to learn about the logo design process.

Designing a logo is a rather simple process but the time and effort can sometimes be difficult to manage. The best method is to take one step at a time and set aside a certain amount of time for each step.  There are what I believe to be six main steps in the design process, brief, research, sketching, presentation,revisions and final delivery. Keep in mind that graphic design is a profession that can be rewarding and fun if one is passionate about designing.


When approached by a client the first thing you will see is what is call the brief, now a client might provide one for you or you might also be required to work will a client to put one together collectively. Now if you have never heard of a logo design brief you might be a little confused as to what is a brief, whats included in a logo design brief and it’s importance to the whole designing process.

The logo design brief includes the problem needed to be solved, the name of the company or event if the brief is for a logo, the company’s core values / services,color schemes the client likes ( although this should be taken into consideration, it should not influence the final color scheme), logos designs they are fond of ( purely for inspiration and getting to know what the client likes), and clients budget.


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The purpose of research is to get inspired, educated on the specific market and see what competition is out there. Reading the brief isn’t enough, you wouldn’t feel comfortable getting thrown into  job without proper training or guidance so why would you dive into a design project blindly.


The part of the process where all the magic happens, the part where the feeling of excitement is in great abundance and where I have the most fun. It should be rocket science what takes place during sketching, all the valuable information gathered in the research part of the design process evolves from words to visual representations and the inspiration takes shape. During the sketching process you want to just draw any idea that comes to your head, you want as many ideas as your HUMAN MIND can think up and later you will choose the one designs you feel best fits the project.



During the presentation the brief, researching and sketching comes to life. This is where you sketching move into the digital world, moving your sketches to the vector program of your choice and getting them ready to present to the client. This is the part of the logo design process where the opportunity to prove to your client visually and verbally why your design gives the customers a feeling of what products they offer, the services they offer,what type of business they are, why new customers should choose them over the competition and they’re are a business that can be trusted. Your success depends on the way you present your work through words and through your digital representation of who they are as a business.


This stage I believe happens more then once over the whole design a logo process up until the final delivery to the client and little tweaks might continue through the logo’s life.  The first time you face revisions would be during the transition between sketching and vectoring. While vectoring your logo, you will notice little revisions that might be needed, tweaks that can be made and visual messages that can be incorporated. Revision will then be made after presenting your ideas to the client, some changes the clients would like to see, other changes you and the client realize the design will need to fit the brand.


This is the most exciting part, the project is pretty much done, client has chosen a design and approved the revisions. Now you will put together a complete project with the ai file (most commonly used), eps (most commonly used), psd( most commonly used), appropriate jpgs, and pngs in several different size all packages in a zip file. These are the files I normally deliver to the client but you can ask them if there are any specific files they need or any specific formats they might need delivered with the final package.


By now I hope you have a feeling for what is involved in the logo/graphic design process and although this is how I conduct the logo design process there are many different ways that can get the job done. During the process just remember keep it simple, creative and allow your passions to bleed into your art.


Have anything to add to the above logo design process or have your own methods please share with the Logos and Simplicity community down below in the comments. Always keep in mind the is a community to learn and teach. All information or opinions are valuable to the community!

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