Well it’s about that time, collecting your best work and designing a portfolio. This is the time to shine, show off your skills and describe what your capable of visually to potential clients or employers. A portfolio can be your more powerful tool when looking for jobs or gigs and you might find it difficult to be a successful artist without one.

There are two types of portfolios, physical or digital and there are many different ways to create one or the other.


Physical Portfolio Image

Physical design portfolio is a printed portfolio design or hand crafted portfolio that can physically be handed to a client or employer. This can be printed examples of your art work on construction paper, in a fancy folder or a pamphlet designed by you which will count as a portfolio piece itself.


When I was attending school a design teacher should us how to create a portfolio with black construction paper, printed out designs and tracing paper. The whole process is very simple but presentable and professional looking. A hand crafted portfolio shows passion, creativity as well the show time and effort put forth.


Pamphlet Portfolio Example

A Pamphlet design can be both a print and digital portfolio. A well design pamphlet can both impress and highlight your best work. Designing a pamphlet can also serve as a portfolio piece, look professional and give the potential client a feel for what you are capable of before looking at your included design work.


A digital graphic design portfolio is well obviously a digital representation of your art work and can take many forms. The different forms of a digital design portfolio are CDs and an online graphic design portfolio via creating a website to showcase your work.


There are many different ways to create a digital design portfolio cd, it can be very simple or you can be as creative as you want to. Remember this is to showcase your skills and to impress your potential clients or employers so be as creative as possible. I know I have stressed over and over in my post to keep it simple but my advice for creating a digital portfolio Cd is to pull out all the stops. If your skills go beyond logo design and you know your way around flash I would suggest creating an interactive portfolio.


Digital Portfolio Example

After creating an interactive portfolio to take along with you to a client or potential employee the next step would be creating a website to showcase your work then can accompany a resume or send to a client through email. If you have web designing skills I would design the site yourself but if you have no web programming knowledge there are plenty of platforms that will assist in putting a site together such as the most popular WordPress.


There are many different ways to design or create an impressive portfolio but the different methods I have talk about above I believe are the most used and top choice for showcasing your creative works. Remember you want to talk yourself up visually and use a portfolio to compliment your designs. I personally suggest a pamphlet for print to accompany your resume which includes your tops work, a digital CD to include a couple more of your best designs when attending the interview or client initial meeting and a portfolio website to attach to emails or online communications. Put Forth your best effort and visually show you are the right designer for the job!

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