It has definitely been a while since I wrote an article on Logos and Simplicity which is very sad. The website has been on the back burner because of working on Reviews By This Guy and the We Deem Channel. I’m am excited to get back into writing here and came across something I must share with fellow graphic designers. As Graphic Designers, we are always looking for tools to make our jobs easier and I think the Delux Keyboard is that very tool!

What is the Delux Keyboard?

The Delux Designer Keyboard is a macro and shortcut keyboard for graphic designers. The Delux keyboard was designed to be used alongside your mouse or Wacom tablet for good time management. The keyboard has 28 must need keys for any graphic design which includes 12 hotkeys and a dial for quick measurement adjustments.

Delux Designer Keyboard Front View

Delux Designer Keyboard Features

The keyboard features customizable macro and shortcut keys. It also includes the spacebar, enter,ctrl and shifts keys which are all within short reach. All the important buttons such as ctrl+p, ctrl+y and ctrl+x are now one button which makes those task faster than having to activate the task with two fingers. There are also the programmable buttons which allow you to switch between tools and also a dial which allows the designer to adjust measurements with ease as well as zoom in or out. The keyboard also has backlit buttons which allow for use in darker areas and dim rooms.

Build Quality

For me build quality is important especially in a keyboard or drawing tablet. The Delux Keyboard is constructed of aluminum which is always a plus in my book, premium keys, and mechanical switches. The keyboard has a small form factor so it will leave you with more desk space and compliments your Wacom tablet.

The keyboard comes in two different colors, silver with white keys and grey with black keys.

What’s My Thoughts

The Delux Designer Keyboard will definitely save me and other designs some much need time. Being able to click one button for tasks such as copy, paste, cut and redo with one hand will allow me to keep my right hand on my Wacom tablet. The dial which I think is the best feature of this keyboard will allow designers to adjust measurement, zoom-in,zoom-out, switch through layers with just a rotation and the programmable buttons allow for quick changes threw most used tools in different design tools. The keyboard is compatible with quite a few software which makes it very versatile, it’s a good keyboard for graphic designers, photographers, 3d modeler, cad designers and anyone else who just wants to save time!

Find out more and pick-up the keyboard on Amazon for $99

There are cheaper options but this was the only one from the original Delux Designer

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