Logos & Simplicity Icon White BlueLogos & Simplicity is a community for new and experience graphic designers to discuss graphic design fundamentals. One of the most powerful learning tools is your peers and the knowledge all around you. The internet is a vast network of information at your finger tips and is still growing with valuable information.

When your first learning there are a few basic things you must keep in mind, always ask questions, if you choose to attend school be involved or keep active in online graphic design communities, become accustomed to dealing with difficult clients,learn to accept criticism, don’t sell your soul or sell yourself short and put great emphasis on your portfolio. Keeping these very points in mind while learning (learning process never stops) and during every design process you will have great success!

While Logos & Simplicity’s main focus is simplicity in logo design, we are a community of graphic design learning and design advice. All we ask is when you visiting the site you read at least one post and leave one comment. The website will benefit from your knowledge or opinion and we look forward to learning from others experiences or expertise. Never hesitate to ask questions, never feel like your information isn’t valuable and always leave your mark.

I like to once again welcome your to Logos & Simplicity, if you have any questions leave it under anyone of the valuable posts on the website or contact me via one of the options on the contact page and don’t forget to join the social media pages in the left panel to keep updating on new post!

Let’s learn together what problems a logo design can solve!